Imran Series Jild 6 by Ibn-e-Safi

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Ibn-e-Safi bb-06 Ibn - e - Safi 1955
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"Ibn-e-Safi Jild 6" is a book written by the renowned Urdu-language author Ibn-e-Safi. This Sixth volume of the series offers an engaging and thrilling collection of detective stories, featuring the beloved characters of Imran and Faridi, set in a captivating world of mystery and intrigue.
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Ibn-e-Safi was a renowned Urdu-language writer known for his popular Jasoosi Dunya and Imran Series, which comprised a collection of detective and spy novels.

The Jasoosi Dunya series follows the adventures of the detective duo, Inspector Faridi and Captain Hameed, as they solve complex and intriguing mysteries. On the other hand, the Imran Series revolves around the character Ali Imran, a clever and witty spy who works for a secret service agency.

This series offers a captivating blend of suspense, action, and clever plotting, making Ibn-e-Safi's works a favourite among readers of Urdu fiction. 

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